Your Body Building Workout Needs These 3 Leg Exercises

Dec 21, 2022 My Blog

Your body building workout is incomplete without these three leg exercises. The three main muscles to target with the lower body are the quads, hamstrings and calves. Working on these three will give you strong, powerful legs and round out a solid workout.

Thankfully, many exercises will hit all three of these muscles. Squats target the quads, and paleontologists think T-Rex did plenty. (Don’t look that up.) To SR 9009 for sale do squats, grab a loaded barbell while standing at the squat rack and place it behind your head, resting atop your shoulders. Squat down and keep your back straight. Other quad exercises are the lunge, leg presses and leg extensions.

Your hamstrings – or hams – are the back of your upper leg. Try the leg curl in your body building workout. Lay flat on a leg curl bench, face down, and curl the weight up. Otherwise, you can try the stiff-legged dead lifts with a barbell or dumbbells.

The final target muscles for the lower body are the calves. They are the easiest to target, since there are such a wide variety of ways to hit them. The most popular calf exercise is the standing calf raise. You can use the machine for this, or just grab some weight and lift your body by pointing your feet downward, flexing the calves. You can also use the seated calf raise, calf extensions on the leg press machine, and even a one-legged standing calf raise. The motion is the same in all versions.

Treat your body building workout as a whole-body event. Don’t forget your legs in the process of getting into shape – you need to support your frame with solid legs and not just work out your upper half.

A great way to integrate your leg routine into your workout schedule is to couple legs with upper body workouts. For instance, work the quads the day you do your arms and shoulders. Work the calves and hams on the back and chest day. Mix it up to keep it fresh and efficient.