How an A-List Invoice Management Solution Can Transform a Cinemas Accounts Payable Department

Dec 11, 2022 My Blog

While contemplating films you consider movies and popcorn, however in the background there is significantly more that proceeds to assist with keeping films in business; which incorporates the activity of key divisions like Records Payable (AP).

Films have great many solicitations to deal with each year, which can incorporate film, concession and general solicitations; each of these have a specific cycle they should go through prior to being paid. In the event that done physically these cycles can be extremely tedious and exorbitant, however putting resources into a robotized arrangement can serve to lessen handling times and expenses fundamentally.

A Receipt The board Arrangement (IMS) can deal with a receipt including the ones that films would by and large have to process.

Film Solicitations

Film wholesalers frequently send merged solicitations to films containing subtleties of many movies. Once examined, IMS peruses the receipt information utilizing OCR (optical person acknowledgment), and feeds the data to a money framework. IMS regards rent a cinema screen each film as a different element, as each film for every film has its own buy request that the receipt should be matched to.

Once matched to its buy request, IMS approves the receipt information to limit manual client mediation and to increment exactness. IMS gets specific snippets of data from the films booking framework for the receipt to be approved:

Film codes - these might be expressed on the receipt or taken from the film name
Film name - incorporation with the film booking framework empowers the right film name to be gained from various shortenings
Play week - this should be approved to guarantee it begins from the very start of the film week

Affirmation that the receipt has been coordinated and approved is then placed into the money framework and the receipt can naturally be paid without intercession by the AP group.

Concession Solicitations

Concession solicitations are managed similarly as film solicitations. The solicitations are filtered and the information is perused utilizing OCR. IMS presents this information on the money framework where the receipt is matched to its buy request.

Likewise with film solicitations, in the event that the money framework can’t match the receipt, an individual from the AP group will be cautioned so they can determine it physically. The film will get an email warning, and by means of a hypertext connect, send off an internet browser point of interaction to see the receipt and the inquiry, and can answer as needs be. When coordinated, the receipt can be paid.